Feasibility Studies 

Our feasibility study is an important component of a strategic plan, whether it is addressing a new healthcare implementation, a web and application service, or something else. Our process of performing a feasibility study involves several steps. The first step is to identify where the customers are and how they can be reached by your service. Secondly, there is a financial feasibility analysis, typically covering three to five years of pro forma financial statements. Finally, the business plan components specify the execution plan for making the plan a reality, which completes the process of healthcare or population health strategic planning.

Agile Project Management and Scrum Mastering

We manage cross-functional team productivity and deliver predictable results, ensuring requirements are passed to developers cleanly, and that the team has the tools and information necessary to succeed.

The project management experience of our team frees up the highly skilled software development staff from the task of managing, controlling, scheduling, tracking and planning the day-to-day development activities, so they can concentrate on what they are best at.

Implementation, Conversions and Interoperability

Interoperability and implementation of life cycle systems are our specialties.

Whether you need a full-scale strategy to replace your current environment or an assessment of your current environment, our team of interoperability experts can help. As part of our advisory services, we offer interoperability full stack engineering. Understanding what you already have is the first step to reaching your goals. In addition to exploring technology platforms and workflows, we can assess your IT team's capabilities and skill gaps.  


A technical team of analysts, developers, and testers comprise our HL7/FHIR API, Data Sets, Web2 / Web3 and Blockchain implementation efforts. 



  • Healthcare

  • Insurance

  • Clinical Studies

  • Population Health

  • Health and Life Science Research

Every successful healthcare organization strives for higher standards, greater efficiency, and sustained excellence.

We understand these challenges uniquely. Our experts offer practical guidance to pressing regulatory, operational, and fiscal issues in healthcare, as well as the vision needed to sustain success.